Puppy Pick Up Information:

1.    Please make final payment in cash.

2.   Please email sherry@mountaindogmanor.com the following information for the
paper work (please do this even if you have already sent me the information – easier
for me to use email)
Name of the puppy if you have one
Persons name to be on all paper work
Email address

3.    Puppies may leave at 8 weeks old or later but not before.  Please use email to
tell me the day and time you would like to pick up your puppy or meet.  With so many
families, using one system is so much better for me.

4.    We will meet 2 hours from our home to deliver puppies for a gas fee of $40.  

5.   We have the puppies travel on our laps or on a blanket on the floor (unless
traveling alone - then we use a crate).  Please bring an adjustable collar, about 12"
to 20" and leash.  Also bring a bowl and water if it is a long trip.  We usually stop
every 2 or 3 hours or when the puppy gets restless.

6.   Please schedule a wellness checkup with your vet within 72 hours (or three
business days) of your picking up the puppy. Your puppy will be ready for the second
shots at that time as well.  I will send home the health certificate from our vet and shot
and worming records.  You may want to schedule the appointment ahead of time if
your vet is as busy as ours!

7.    The puppies are eating Royal Canine Giant Breed Puppy food.  I purchase it at
Chewy and it is also available on Amazon.  I will send some home with the puppy.  
Please feed your puppy 3 times a day as much as they want - puppies are very good
at regulating their intake. Around 6 to 9 months you can switch to feeding twice a day
for life (or leaving food out all the time if possible). You do not have to feed the Royal
Canine but I would recommend a quality large breed puppy food.

8.   I will send home a gallon bag of the sawdust we use in the puppy room for the
puppies to go to the bathroom on.  Please sprinkle this outside in a circle where you
would like the puppy to go to the bathroom.  This may help with housebreaking.  The
smell should encourage the puppy to go the bathroom outside.  You do not need to
buy more.

9.   Also, to help with housebreaking I suggest taking the puppy out side every 15 min
when awake, when they first wake up, and after eating or drinking.  Increase the time
between as you see they do not need to go so often.

10.   Crate training is the best way to house break and to protect your home and
furnishings.  Please start with the largest wire crate.  It is important the puppy does
not lay in pee.  This may cause a urinary tract infection.  Use towels or blankets in the
crate that can be easily washed.  They may cry for a few nights - that is normal. If you
go to them when they cry, you are teaching them that if they cry you will come! Thus,
it is best to let them cry themselves to sleep. Within a few nights they will love their
crate and not cry.

11.   Puppy proof your home – no shoes, socks, towels, papers, kids toys, etc should
ever be within reach of a puppy.  Along with this watch for chewing of electrical
cords.  Have plenty of toys around for them to chew and change them often.