Just wanted to send you some photos of Cornelius and Yukon.  You were right, he does have the perfect personality!  What a great puppy!  He is so easy going and he is doing well when we crate him.  Yukon and him are definitely buddies.
Lori  1/11/2010
Elvis settled instantly into his new home and is in the process of meeting everyone.  He had his first vet visit and is in excellent health, all 20.5 pounds of him.  He loves playing in the yard with his brother. 
Maralyn  1/12/2010
It's been 2 weeks since we brought Aren home and cannot believe how smart and well mannered he is.  He is great with other dogs and puppies.  Everyone he meets falls in love with him.  At his first vet appt. on 1/11 he weighed 16.1 pounds and today he weighed 20.6 pounds.  He is learning to sit, lay down, shake, roll over, and ring a bell to go out side.  He loves to ride in the car, although sometimes wants to be the driver.  Last weekend, we played outside in the snow, he loved it.  We just love him!  Thank you so much, he is a great puppy.
Eric and Diana  1/25/2010
We just wanted to let you know how great Ullr is doing.  We cannot even begin to describe how we've fallen in love with him.  He is smart, playful and a very loving dog.  He learned very quickly to sit, and come and has almost mastered stay!  Everyone he meets comments on his calm demeanor not to mention his size, which has increased substantially.  From the 14th to the 25th, he gained 4 lbs, and we're sure he's added a few more on by now.  At last weight he was 21.8 lbs.  He's like a zucchini we swear we can see him growing!!!  We cann't wait until the sprin, when we had our mid-January thaw last week, and he got to feel the grass on his giant paws, he loved it!  Thank yo so much for this wonderful addition to our family, you provided so much helpful information and Ullr's transition into our home has been flawless. 
Gretchen, Pete, and Gunnar 1/31/2010
We just wanted to give a quick progress report on Tempy.  At the first visit to the Vet she was the talk of the office, declared in perfect health, and weighted in at 18.4 lbs.  2 weeks later at her second appointment everyone remembered her and had to visit with her, and she weighted in at 25 lbs.  We swear sometimes we can see her growing.  Tempy has made friends with all the  
other family dogs and socializes beautifully - she's neither timid or overly aggressive - and always in the thick of things at family events.  She has a wonderful personality and temperament - like her parents.  Tempy learns very quickly, especially if a treat is involved.  She has adjusted to the crate well, and as promised she was practically house broken when we brought her home.  Everyone she meets loves her, wants to know more about her ("What's a Swissneese?), asks how we found her etc.  Tempy is a great dog and exactly what we were looking for in a family pet!                          Bob and Kathy 1/31/2020