Colter - Swissneese
Well, thanks for such a wonderful puppy. We can tell he has been well cared for & well socialized.  He is very outgoing & smart. Not to mention, he is a beauty to boot.
Take care and feel free to put us on your list of very satisfied new Swissneese owners!  Thanks for making sure he got to us safe & sound!! 
Brad & Rhonda Hill
Lander, WY
Charlie - Swissneese
Just wanted to let you know that Charlie is settled in and doing really well.  He's got the sweetest personality, and we just love him!  He loves being with the kids, and he gets along well with our other animals.  He's up to 24 lbs now.  It seems like we can almost see him grow overnight!
Thanks for such a great puppy!
Brutus (SwissySaint)  is now almost 13 weeks old, he is an absolute joy.  We just had him at the vet and he is currently 36 lbs., my husband and I are in awe of how easy he is to train.  Brutus quickly caught on to the house training (it was pretty evident that you guys were working with him) he has been house trained since 9 1/2 weeds and has already learned to sit and speak.  I own a nail salon, so he goes to work with me everyday and the women just love him.  He even has visited our son's first grade class room, he has been the perfect pal for our son.  We just took him to the local Easter egg hunt and soon after arriving people were gathered around taking pictures and petting him, he seems to gather a crowd everywhere he goes.  Many poeple have asked for your name and website, and all I can say is THANK-YOU we just love our pup!
The Henry Family
Just wanted to tell you that Gibbs (SwissySaint) is doing well.  He will be 13 weeks old tomorrow and weighed 39 lbs today.  He is exceptional with all our grandkids.  When the real little ones are here, he is careful around them.  He walks up slow to them and will lick them but won't play or knock them down.  He plays harder with the older grandkids so he senses the difference.  The vet remarked about his behavior.  He just lets them do what ever and is very calm on the table.  He is great so far and smart and we love him to pieces.  Thanks.
Sam - the "City Mountain Dog" Swissneese

She is settling in here at the house, getting to know our cat Hana, our house with her view of San Francisco, and her crate. 
Thank you again!  The time and energy you put into loving an caring for your puppies is evident in how well behaved, calm and loving Sam is.  We love her beyond words, and we cannot go anywhere without someone stopping to comment or ask questions about her.  These Swissneese are very special dogs, indeed!
From the very satisfied Neusteins