1.  A deposit of $25 is required to be on a wait list for a puppy.
This may be paid with a personal check or money order.  We
do NOT accept PayPal.   Checks can be made out to and mailed
to Sherry Tyrrell, 7639 Easton St, Lowville, NY 13367.

2.  You must submit your name, home address, phone number,
and information about your family and the home you can
provide for a puppy.

3.Please include which litter you would like to be added to the
wait list for.  If you would like to be on the wait list for more
than one breed, $25 is required per list.  

4.  You will be placed on the wait list when the deposit is

5.  The $25 wait list deposit (or the total you have sent in if on
the list for more than one breed) will be applied towards the
$200 deposit required when the litter is born.  Thus, $175 (or
$150 depending on how much money already sent in for the
wait lists) will be due when the litter is born.

6.  You must select select your puppy by time the litter is 3
weeks of age.  This is when hair length can be determined on
the cross breed puppies.  Families will select thier puppies in
the order they are on the wait list.

7.  If you are unable to get a puppy from the litter due to
availablity or you decide not to get a puppy from that litter, the
deposit will roll over to the next litter of the same breed or
cross.  If you would like to switch breeds, your deposit will roll
over the the end of the wiat list for the other breed you choose.

8.  The $25 wait list deposit is not refundable.